• Recap | Creative Recruitment Series

    by Addie Linn | Nov 09, 2021
    For more than a year, recruiters have been heads down, doing whatever it takes to retain employees and preserve morale. Now, looking up and taking a breath of air, talent acquisition professionals are turning to each other to share advice and best practices.
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  • Select Industry News | April 2016

    by Angela Kennedy | Nov 04, 2021
    Latest news on transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution (KC SmartPort), bioscience (KC Animal Health Corridor), talent recruitment (TeamKC: Life + Talent) and technology.
    Full story
  • To WFH or Not: In-person Protocols Often Dependent on Company Size

    by Alexia Diamond | Sep 07, 2021
    As the country grapples with the often changing health landscape, inconsistencies in business safety protocols can do more harm than good for the workforce of the future.
    Full story

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