Brand Toolkit

In this toolkit you will find branding marks (icons and logos) for the Kansas City Area Development Council, its industry specific initiatives (KC Animal Health Corridor, KC SmartPort, KCnext and TeamKC: Life+Talent), and KC Heartland Campaign.

KCADC Toolkit

KC Animal Health Corridor Toolkit

KC SmartPort Toolkit

TeamKC Toolkit

KC Heartland

KC Global Design

Other Resources

KCADC believes in producing quality media content for public distribution and use. Visit our Video Library to find seamlessly produced videos reviewing everything from specific industry clusters to the creative lifestyle in Kansas City. In the Photo Library you will find spectacular imagery of KC's most recognizable landmarks, as well as our wide range of communities.

Still looking for more? Check out these partners: 

Cameron Gee | Photographer

Phone: 816.729.6600

Cameron is responsible for all America's Creative Crossroads campaign portraits.

Kim Golding | Freelance Photographer

Phone: 816.616.3784

Kim is responsible for the majority of our KC regional images, as well as the KCADC staff portraits.

DEG Linked by Isobar | Video Production

Email: Danyel Gimeno, Producer
Phone: 816.471.6554

DEG Linked by Isobar produces all KCADC and initiative event videos.

Kenny Johnson | Freelance Photographer

Phone: 816.471.1200

Kenny captures imagery at KCADC and KCADC initiative events, including our Annual Meeting and the KC Animal Health Corridor Homecoming.

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Brand Toolkit

Photo Library