• KC Degrees Helps Adults Complete College and Find Meaningful Work

    by Lexi Ryan | May 07, 2019
    KC Degrees targets adults 25 and older with personalized, consistent and reliable college success services. This includes access to a robust community-based resources network and direct contacts within a regional postsecondary network of regional employers.
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  • Five Top Tips to Celebrate Interns on National Intern Day

    by Angela Kennedy | May 06, 2019
    Taking the time to recognize employees (of all levels) makes a notable impact on job satisfaction, builds trust internally and gives individuals a sense of purpose beyond the 9-to-5. Below are just a few ideas - big and small - to give your interns a boost this summer.
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  • MyKC Summer Intern Program Offers Solution to Global Race for Talent

    by Jessica Palm | May 03, 2019
    Today, companies are leveraging internship programs as a way to pipeline young professional talent. But for most Gen Zer’s (individuals born 1995-2010) the position itself is only one part of their expectations of a “quality job.” These young professionals seek companies that help them define their personal purpose and passions.
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