KC Animal Health Corridor

  • Addressing the Impending Veterinary Shortage and Curriculum Adaptation

    by Animal Health2 | Oct 10, 2023
    The impending veterinary shortage necessitates curriculum changes in response to emerging trends and demands. With new veterinary programs seeking accreditation, there is a potential 33% increase in AVMA-accredited schools. Incorporating telehealth and addressing changing pet ownership patterns are paramount. Training students on telemedicine and feline behaviors, and evaluating curriculum allocation, are crucial for equipping graduates to meet evolving industry needs. Comprehensive curriculum changes are needed to effectively combat the veterinary shortage.
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  • Why Our Industry Needs a Brand and Why We Need You to BRING IT!

    by Animal Health2 | Sep 11, 2023
    No other industry has more impact on the world than Animal Health so it is imperative that our next generation of talent understand the depth and breadth behind our industry.
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  • BioKansas Honors Regional Leaders For Their Impactful Contributions

    by Animal Health2 | Aug 16, 2023
    Kimberly Young, President of the Animal Health Corridor was selected for her persistent dedication towards building the animal health industry.
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