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Supporting the KC Region's Economic Development

by Laura Patriquin | Jun 01, 2021

Tim Cowden, president and CEO at KCADC, recently joined Dean Whittaker of Whittaker Associates on “The Whittaker Report” podcast to discuss KCADC’s mission of economic development within the KC region. In the interview, Cowden discusses how the KCADC team works across state lines in order to support all areas of the KC region.

“We have to be really, really focused on our customer. And our customer’s not just the c-suite person who is going to make a decision on a big new project,” says Cowden. “Our customers are our communities across the region. Our customers are both the state of Missouri and the state of Kansas.”

Through KCADC initiatives including TeamKC and KC Heartland, as well as through support of community development such as the new KCI airport and DEI initiatives, KCADC actively promotes the momentum happening across the region.

Cowden says, “I’ve always believed that if you focus on the customer – as complicated as our business can be, wherever you are – if you focus on the customer, everything really sorts itself out.”

Listen to the episode, and learn more about KCADC’s mission to support the economic development of the KC region.

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