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TeamKC Roundtable Recap | January 2023

by Logan Derosia | Feb 06, 2023

TeamKC’s first Roundtable of the year took place at Netsmart, and the room was just as excited as Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship. Okay maybe not quite as excited, but definitely a close second. 

Travis Kelce yelling Party

Talent Acquisition and HR  professionals huddled up to talk about upskilling talent, employer branding and return-to-office policies.

 Check out the highlights:

  • When upskilling talent, the ability for employees to continuously develop and improve their professional skills needs to be baked into the company culture. Emphasizing your organization's commitment to helping your employees grow will create happier, more productive employees.  

  • Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is key to a compelling employer brand. Think about what makes your company stand out from others and use that in your messaging - make it authentic!

  • Embrace your return-to-office policy! Whatever that may be, being upfront about your organization’s work environment and why it works, will help you attract candidates that align with your culture

Recruiter Roundtable live photo 1 Recruiter Roundtable live photo 2

Catch the full breakdown:


  • In response to a Gallup study, 57% of employees expressed an interest in updating their professional skills. What’s more, 48% would be willing to leave their current job for a new one that included skills training.

  • It is equally as important to help identify skill gaps and provide training and development resources. Provide options that allow employees to take the initiative in their personal career journey and internal mobility.

  • Get creative. Maybe your employees can gain skills through job sharing, or maybe a rotational program suits your talent needs.

Employer Branding

  • Talent Acquisition Team ๐Ÿค Marketing & Communications Team. Creating strong relationships with your marketing and communications team ensures you stay on-brand with strong (brand-approved) content.

  • It’s not enough to rely on your consumer brand. Talent needs to know what it’s like to work at your company and you need to tell your story before someone else does it for you.

  • Activate your associates. Everyone at the company has the ability to impact the employer brand, and it goes a long way when you give people the tools to be the voice of your brand.

Return-to-Office Policies

  • As we settle into post-pandemic work, organizations are reassessing what works for them and what policies they want for the long term - and what we see varies from company to company.

  • Who doesn’t love co-working? ๐Ÿ˜œ Some KC companies are shifting to shared spaces for their employees to use rather than assigned desks, allowing for flexibility when employees are in the office.

  • Candidates are asking the question. While talent needs vary across the board, asking about the work environment is often top of mind. Provide talking points for “Why” so that your team helps attract the best-fit talent for your company.

Recruiter Roundtable live photo 3

Thank you to Netsmart Technologies for hosting a fantastic kickoff to a year filled with great events.

BTW - TeamKC Training Camp is happening May 4th! Save the date and reach out to Danielle Hilton about sponsorship opportunities.

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