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5 Ways to Fight For Your Right to Party

by Laura Patriquin | Feb 03, 2023

Get Your Team in the Red Friday Spirit

The Chiefs are making their way to the Big Game, and in the words of Travis Kelce (and the Beastie Boys), “You gotta fight for your right to party!”

The KC Heartland love is being shared far and wide leading up to the big game - don’t miss out! Here are tips for harnessing this momentous occasion to engage with your teams:

  1. Schedule a Team Photo
    Send out a quick calendar invite to your team now to snag some time for a Red Friday gear photo. Pro tip: If your team is hard to wrangle on Friday - fake it on a different day! 

  2. Zoom into Victory
    Download our Chiefs-themed KC Heartland virtual backgrounds so everyone can meet online in style.

  3. Place Your Bets
    We all know the Chiefs are going to win 🤞… but… who will be the first team to score? Will there be two or more interceptions? Run a prop bet pool among your team to get the conversation going. Or, run a 50/50 raffle that goes toward 15 and the Mahomies!

  4. Get Your Super Snack On
    Football and good food go together like Arrowhead and the AFC Championship! Encourage your team to share their favorite football recipes - and bring in samples, of course - to accompany a serving of red and yellow lemonades/mimosas.

  5. Party Time, Excellent
    Host your very own tailgate / pep rally experience right from the office! Foster some healthy competition among the team with a cornhole tournament. Even invite KC Wolf or the Chiefs Rumble to join the party.

Have a team tradition you do every Red Friday? Post on social using @KCHeartland and #KCHeartland to share your KC pride! 

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