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TeamKC is making big plays in 2023

Geared up for another successful year, our team is continuing the momentum of a record-breaking year. Never settling on past accomplishments, TeamKC has big plans for 2023 and we want you to be in on the plays.

A look at 2023… 

  • Tools + Access | As we evaluate our current resources, launch new tools and update how we share them, we’re excited for feedback from you and your candidates.

  • TeamKC Network | Through regular engagement and thought leadership, including reimagining the 2023 Training Camp, we’ll strengthen the TeamKC network.

  • Business Development Collaboration | Working closely with our business development team at KCADC, we’ll help the region attract new business, leveraging TeamKC as a differentiator for our region.

And that’s not all

Our playbook is overflowing with plans for 2023 and we can’t wait for you to see them unfold.

Leading the initiative

Danielle Hilton, Managing Director of TeamKC, joined the team in 2022. With a background in marketing and talent acquisition - and experience on the TeamKC Board of Advisors - she brings a fresh perspective and energy to the TeamKC initiative.

Danielle shared, “Ultimately, TeamKC will be working alongside teams in the region to ensure KC is a value add as companies speak with candidates. Whether a candidate lives here currently, is looking to move to the region, or simply wants to know more about the region of the company they are considering, we’re here for them.”

Her creativity and curiosity lend well to a collaborative approach that will take TeamKC to the next level.

Have questions about TeamKC? Contact Danielle to set up a meeting!

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