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2022 TeamKC Training Camp Recap

by Logan Derosia | Mar 02, 2022

We are still buzzing from all the fun we had at our annual talent leadership summit that gathered nearly 400 TA pros in the region. We heard from Kansas City’s top leaders and focused on resiliency in the workplace. Attendees left feeling energized, excited and inspired! 

TeamKC Training Camp '22 TeamKC Training Camp '22

Although we could talk about Training Camp allll day, here are our top takeaways:

 Know Your Worth

TKC Training Camp '22

Betsy Reidell, certified elite life coach, kicked off the day with inspo on “Knowing Your Worth” and “Investing in You in 2022.”

Some of our favorite Tweetable quotes: “When we use our strengths, that’s when we’re going to be at our best,” and “We’re conditioned at a young age to believe our accomplishments are what give us value. But it’s not. It’s who you are that gives you value.” 

Feel free to take another look at Betsy’s slides, or connect with her for one-on-one empowerment coaching sessions.

Talent Trends Panel
TKC Training Camp '22

Moderated by Ryan Weber (KC Tech Council), and featuring Sheri Ratliff (T-Mobile), Michelle Wimes (Children’s Mercy Hospital) and Leon Harden (Burns & McDonnell), our talent trends panel was jam-packed with key knowledge sharing. 

The panelists dove into their innovative strategies to elevate DEI, invest in employees and the community, and show empathy at work, just to name a few. 

Our panelists, and the entire TeamKC network, are always open to continuing the discussion so please connect with Ryan, Sheri, Michelle and Leon on LinkedIn.

MVP Award + Sports in KC

TKC Training Camp '22
Kathy Nelson, President & CEO of the Kansas City Sports Commission and Visit KC, accepted her well-earned TeamKC MVP Award for leading the efforts to elevate Kansas City as a top destination across the globe through the lens of sports. 

Kathy enlightened attendees with an update on all things happening in sports in KC  including the 2023 NFL Draft, the 2031 Rugby World Cup, and the 2026 FIFA World Cup Bid - just to name a short list of current efforts. 

Kathy also touched on the power of sports in our community -- the power to bring people together, market a region, build long term sustainable initiatives and projects, and create economic growth. 

You can sign the petition for KC’s 2026 World Cup bid and visit SportKC.org to support its efforts to make a better KC through sports.

Resilience Building Keynote

TKC Training Camp '22TKC Training Camp '22

Sara Ross, Chief Vitality Officer of BrainAMPED,delivered an energetic keynote that taught us about “The Science of Getting Knocked Down & the Skill to Get Back Up.” Here are our top takeaways: 

  • When you learn how to fall better, you learn how to get up faster.

  • Emotions are a powerful filter. When you change that filter, it changes the way we see the world.

  • Watch out for “B4 thoughts” - Big, Bad, Binary, Blamey. They make a bad situation 100x worse.

  • Learning to "bounce" from these B4 thoughts helps you reframe situations. Our goal isn't to get rid of stress - it's to think about stress more effectively.

    • Luckily for us, Sara gave us this tool to help us create our "bounce approach."
  • Turning crisis into opportunity: “I didn’t plan on this innovation, but I’m going to step into this innovation.”

You can find out more about Sara and BrainAMPED, here.

See the full photo library on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone in our TeamKC network that attended -- we had a blast! If you couldn’t make it, that’s okay -- there are plenty more events on the horizon. View our event calendar, here.

To connect with TeamKC and hear more about our talent attraction tools highlighted at the event, reach out to Angela Kennedy

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