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Recap | Creative Recruitment Series

by Addie Linn | Nov 09, 2021

For more than a year, recruiters have been heads down, doing whatever it takes to retain employees and preserve morale. Now, looking up and taking a breath of air, talent acquisition professionals are turning to each other to share advice and best practices. 

With a common goal of recruiting and retaining the best talent in Kansas City, TeamKC brought its network of TA thought leaders together to start thinking outside the box. Dive into the recaps and recordings below.  

Optimizing Job Descriptions
One pain point rising to the top for recruiters is that of narrowing job functions. In other words, how can job responsibilities be redistributed to help keep specialists working within their “circle of execution?” As we all know, making structural changes to established processes during a time of high volume hiring can feel unattainable. However, front-end time and costs can make a big difference in the long run to saving time and money.  

Working with hiring managers is a big piece of the puzzle too. Approach the situation as an opportunity to educate others on the status of the talent market, the number of candidates needed to fulfill each position, the speed to hire, etc. 

Check out these data sources for timely intel:

Catch this recording to lean into the ongoing conversation regarding a range of tactics from video interviewing to shifting degree requirements. 

View Recording

How can you assure your employees see a path forward in your company? Could arming the talent you already possess with new skills be a solution? Recruiters are saying it could be an intangible benefit and employees are more likely to stick around longer when they’ve been given a new opportunity. 

Jennifer Morris, Account Director with General Assembly shared intriguing statistics around the value of creating a renewable workforce vs. a replaceable workforce. 

Tune in to this recording for ideas on certification programs, career mapping, early onboarding and more. 

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Is your organization guilty of “throwing people at the problem?” When things get tough, an immediate instinct may be to hire more people. However, offloading some of the work onto a third party or reorganizing current workflows could be a more effective solution. Just think about the time and impact involved with training a new hire. 

This recording is for you if you’re dreaming of efficiencies - whether it’s your own recruiting duties or organizational workloads. 

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Alumni Networks/ Retiree Recruiting 
It’s likely you have two camps of retirees. Those that are actually ready to kick back into retirement and those that aren’t totally excited to leave a lifelong routine. How could you optimize your workforce by tapping into the latter? As it turns out - keeping up with retired employees could result in a new part-time workforce, pool of mentors for current employees and more. 

Listen to this conversation for valuable tidbits on strengthening your talent community. 

View Recording

That’s a wrap! Thank you to Libby Abbruzzese, Director of Recruiting Operations at Actalent, for leading these discussions. 

Do you have a hot topic around talent you’re dying to discuss? Contact Angela Kennedy to learn more about how you can get involved with the TeamKC network.

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