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June Recruiter Roundtable Recap: Navigating the Workplace Today

by Harper Zimlich | Jun 30, 2021

Summer is here. Vaccines are being administered. In-person work is becoming common once again. What does this mean for your company’s work culture?

Embracing this Season of Change
We figured out how to #WFH in peak-pandemic conditions. Who knew the real challenge would be the move back into the office? If your company is struggling, - know you’re not alone. At TeamKC’s June Recruiter Roundtable, attendees discussed transition strategies during this unknown and complicated season. 

Flexibility is a Must
What are employees really looking for in an ideal workplace right now? According to a recent study by Microsoft, 73% of talent wants flexible work options. After individuals have experienced the flexibility of working from home over the past 15 months, many have placed this option at the top of their list while on the job hunt. In fact, according to a survey by Blind, 64% of workers at America's biggest tech companies would take permanently working from home over a $30,000 raise. Candidates desire flexibility right out of the gate and gravitate toward companies that offer it from the start.

Is the Grass Really Greener?
Many individuals have used the pandemic as an opportunity to leave their current companies in search of something better. (FYI - the KC metro has an unemployment rate of 4.2% as of April 2021, while the national average is around 6%.) Some workers are experiencing WFH envy, making them more inclined to leave their current companies in hopes of finding  a wider range of options. Microsoft found that 41% of employees are considering leaving their employer this year. The real question is, are these individuals finding what they’re looking for?

An issue that some companies are facing is though newly hired employees enjoy the idea of working from home full time, many end up feeling isolated and disconnected from the company and its culture. Not to mention for many companies, some employees hired over the last 15 months have never stepped foot into the office. This disconnect may grow as companies move into hybrid work environments. 

What Now?
How do you boost employee morale whether you’re back in the office, fully WFH or a mix of both? We love the concept of “re-teaming” that was brought up several times in our discussion. Recruiters shared ideas like IRL team happy hours, food truck lunches, virtual scavenger hunts and themed days around the workplace. These are great ways to encourage camaraderie between coworkers. 

Keep in mind - as much as everyone loves a free lunch, it can only go so far.  In addition to the fun stuff, establishing a clear company culture is more important now than ever. Gallup’s 2020 State of the American Workplace report stated, “employees are willing to look and keep looking for a company that’s mission and culture reflect and reinforce their [individual] values.” It’s a great time to reevaluate your company's values. Not only is it important to make this new workspace a comfortable setting for all, but to also set the scene for your company culture moving forward. 

Wherever your company is along this journey, there are ways to create a desirable work environment for all. Take this time of transition to listen to your employees' wants and needs, and work to align your company’s culture.

Want to join the conversation? Contact teamkc@thinkkc.com to learn how you can get involved in future Recruiter Roundtables and stay up to date with other TeamKC happenings. 


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