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Get the Skinny from KC Recruiters and HR Pros

by Shianne Kolts | Jul 02, 2019

TeamKC held the Recruiter Roundtable at SkillPath which allowed recruiters in our network to gather and share thoughts on everything from creative benefits in the workplace to intern experiences. Forgot to take notes? Don’t worry, we’ve got your full recap covered. 

Master’s Degrees 

We have all heard that getting a master’s degree will put you ahead of the competition… but times are changing. When it comes to a master’s degree, most companies say they value experience as equally as a  degree itself. Recruiters would rather see that a candidate has relevant skills and a variety of contributions to help the organization thrive. Instead of a master’s degree, consider paying for employees to receive certifications and training that will enhance work habits, shared knowledge and more. 

Creative Benefits 

A 401K, medical insurance, vacation days, sick days and so on, your company offers a solid foundation for employees to stand on. But more than not, employees are starting to crave more “creative” benefits within their organizations - and KC employers are responding. For example, some companies have found success in offering fitness and meditation apps as well as on-site yoga or a personal trainer. Others support their staff in “going green” by offering sustainability reimbursements for employees who make larger green energy purchases, such as an electric car or qualifying washer/dryer. 

Intern Experience 

As we are in the full swing of intern season, it is important to understand the experience that the intern is getting. For interns to get the most out of their experience, they should be exposed to more than just their organization. Having interns attend networking events allows them to gain valuable relationship building experience. Try setting up meetings for them with different departments throughout your organization, perhaps even off-site or in the field, to help them see the “big picture.”.

Want your interns to fall in love with KC? Spend time giving back to the community as a team. Have interns participate in a Day of Giving which - one of the most impactful ways to get involved with other interns, give back to the community and connect with KC. Don’t forget to celebrate National Intern Day this summer too!

Special thanks to SkillPath for hosting the June Recruiter Roundtable. Learn more about TeamKC and see how you can get involved in our network by contacting us at

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