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Polish Your Resume in 10 Minutes

by Angela Kennedy | Jul 20, 2018

Cecily Bee, lead diversity and inclusion professional at Black & Veatch, shares her top four tips in resume refreshment.

I haven’t met many folks who enjoy updating their resumes. In most cases, we are updating our resumes on an as-needed basis. We are so busy trying to attach our resumes to an application that we sometimes miss an opportunity to polish it.

A resume is a snapshot of our personal brand, and crafting an effective resume is crucial to the success of a job-hunt and application process. There are thousands of effective and informative resume templates and styles available on the internet which you can utilize as you submit applications to prospective employers. While a recruiter or hiring team may prefer for a resume to look a certain way, there are several key elements to providing an effective snapshot of you.

Take 10 minutes to review your resume for these four items prior to attaching it to an application.

  1. Contact Information: When you look at your resume, is your name bigger than all of the other items on the document? Your name should stand out from everything else. Be sure to include your primary phone number and a professional email address (if is your only email, here’s a link to create a Gmail account). You can also include a LinkedIn or professional page hyperlink if those pages are squeaky clean and updated.
  2. Grammatical Errors: A resume is a snapshot of you and your brand, so making sure your resume is free of errors is critical to moving forward in the recruitment process. When a resume has a grammatical or spelling error, it can be a red flag to a recruiter or hiring team. “Does this candidate pay attention to detail?” “Does this candidate review documents prior to sending them to an external client or customer?” Have two or three friends review your resume prior to attaching it to an application.
  3. Lead with Verbs: In a job description, you’ll often see verbs used to describe the responsibilities of a vacant role on a team. By leading with a verb on your resume, you’re inviting the reviewer to visualize you in action.
    Example: Your resume may currently say, “Responsible for maintaining process controls on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.” You could change this to, “Managed and maintained process controls on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis”.
  4. Reflect: After you’ve updated your resume, take a deep breath. Reflect on how much you have accomplished in your professional career so far. Remember all of the hard work and grit you put in to accomplishing all of the tasks you’ve highlighted on your resume.

Confidently attach your polished resume to your next prospective employer!

If you would like to discuss your resume further or would like a second set of eyes on it, please feel free to contact Cecily Bee at For more information about TeamKC: Life+Talent contact Jessica Palm.

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