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TeamKC Scouting Report | When the Talent Pool is Flooding...

by Addie Linn | Jul 16, 2018

When the Talent Pool is Flooding ...
After hearing about the bulk layoff at DST Systems, Inc., TeamKC put on its water wings and opened up the KC Career Network portal to recently displaced talent. You may have seen it in the Kansas City Business JournalKC Star or on the TeamKC blog. Those actively searching for employment can send us their resume, and we’ll send it out to our network of 750+ area HR contacts. If you’re a recruiter, grab a noodle and join us by checking out these resumes.

Um ... It’s Called a Streetcar ...
What to say when someone says they took the “trolley” downtown. The New York Times praised our little slice of transportation heaven and made sure readers know it’s a sleek, modern streetcar – NOT a clankity cable car of the past. Oh, and more good news – voters approved funding for a major expansion of the trolley streetcar to the UMKC neighborhood.

When They Say You Need a Trim ... 
Truck, yeah I do. If the mane’s looking a little shaggy hop onto KC’s one-and-only mobile barber truck, established spring 2018. From ladies’ cuts to beard trims, Box Truck Barber covers the essentials for looking fly … on the fly.

Light It Up ...
And not just the grill – KC got lit on July 13 when the iconic Western Auto Sign was revived for the world to see. The historic landmark had been dark for years but is making a comeback in 2018, confirming that KC is no doubt, the brightest bulb in the bunch.

They Grow Up So Fast ...
Yes kids, but also… artificial intelligence. Yep, AI is on the verge of adolescence. According to Forbes, AI can be divided into three stages: narrow, general and super. Although reaching super intelligence status is still in the future, experts say it won’t be long before AI is all grown up and paying its own bills. Read more to learn how talent leaders are taking proactive steps in the artificial age.

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