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What Sets Kansas City Housing Apart From Other Cities

by Jessica Palm | Aug 13, 2015

Recently, The Wall Street Journal showcased luxury living options in Kansas City, and it got us thinking about other ways KC’s housing sets us apart from communities.

TeamKC partner and real estate expert, Maria O’Dell, CEO of Group O’Dell, offers insight on how Kansas City stacks up:

As a native Kansas Citian, I always knew what I loved about Kansas City but it was my New York-born husband who really helped me appreciate some of the things I can take for granted.  With almost 22 years of marriage and working together selling real estate, we’ve compiled a top five list of the things that makes the Kansas City housing market special.

  1. A strong, diverse economy in Kansas City that supports the low unemployment rate is one of the lead factors in supporting the housing market.  With plenty of technology, manufacturing, entrepreneurs and government jobs,  as well as financial services and bioscience, people are employed in a variety of sectors, which has a direct impact on housing.

  2. Kansas City is amongst the highest affordability markets in the country. It is actually more affordable to purchase a home in Kansas City compared to rental rates in the region. Trulia reported last year that despite rising home values, low interest rates made home purchasing a “no brainer.” We are ranked the No. 5 city where buying is an easy choice over renting.

  3. In Kansas City, we see people become homeowners at much younger ages than the national average. It is not uncommon for a 23-year-old to have a great job and qualify for a starter home in our region. While the average age for a first time buyer nationally is closer to 30, in Kansas City, we frequently see first timers under age 25.

  4. Put aside all the economic factors and you will discover that Kansas City is a city made up of great neighborhoods. From downtown, to midtown, and all the flourishing suburbs, some might be annoyed by the sprawl of the city but it is truly what brings color and life to the community.  A diversity of house styles, price ranges and attitudes about neighborhood choice, and you start to understand the real connection between residents and their identity in KC.

  5. Lastly, I have to add this nuance that touches every part of our city. Because we have an insanely artistic demographic (love a Hallmarker’s house) throughout the city, I cannot tell you how many creatively beautiful homes and lofts I’ve been in. You can pop open any of the local home magazines and see there is no shortage of exquisitely remodeled or newly built homes. Tastefully unique and classically finished there are so many thumbprints left on our cityscape that will always make Kansas City housing one of the best-kept secrets in the country.

For more information on housing options in Kansas City, contact Maria O’Dell. To learn more about TeamKC and its talent recruitment program, contact Jessica Nelson

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