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40-Acre Solar Farm Breaks Ground in KC

by Allison Crist | Sep 28, 2016

Independence Power and Light (IPL) has teamed up with MC Power to bring a new 40-acre community solar farm to Independence, Missouri. This is particularly good news for anyone who’s wanted to utilize solar energy in the past, but has been unable to do so without the installation of a solar-friendly roof. Now, the Independence farm will produce electricity for its customers eliminating the expense of installing their own system.

The appeal of community solar is clear, according to The New York Times, “It offers a way into the solar boom, whether [customers] seek to contribute to the spread of clean energy or to reap the potential cost savings.” CNN adds the lack of wiring, maintenance and pollution to the list of solar energy benefits.  

Courtesy of Eileen Weir, Mayor of Independence

According to the City of Independence, anyone who is currently using IPL as their community energy partner is eligible to participate. Customers can even lock in the current price for up to 15 years to avoid potential rate increases.

IPL is not only helping consumers save – the blocks of solar energy are nearly 40 percent of the average residential consumption – but also continuing to move towards renewable energy. According to the Examiner, once the solar farm is fully operational, IPL will be receiving 18 percent of its power from renewable sources. IPL is set to break ground on the farm this week.

This move could undoubtedly have a large national impact. According to The Missouri Times, the state alone has more solar potential than most parts of Germany. Independence isn’t the only city taking advantage of that; Inc highlighted a rest stop in Conway, Missouri that will be the first of its kind to test roadways covered with solar panels, starting in December.

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