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Inside KCnext: Organizational Goals

by Kaitlin Motley | Aug 07, 2013

I'm blogging!

This is an overdue task, and there is no better time than the present.

Transparency is important to me; therefore in my first official KCnextTalk blog post, I want to take a second to discuss the organizational goals of KCnext. My hope in sharing this information is that you have a better understanding what KCnext does.

The KCnext team works with our board of directors to establish annual organizational goals, which have specific measurable benchmarks to which we are held accountable. In our first year (2012), we reached the highest level of each of our goals. So what did we do this year? Set higher goals!

Organizational goal No. 1 is first for a reason; it focuses on the most important part of a sustainable organization – membership retention. KCnext members provide critical resources needed to allow us to add value to our region’s technology industry.

KCnext has three sources of revenue: membership dues (45%), sponsorships (45%) and grants (10%). Sponsorships are first-come, first-served, and preference goes to KCnext members.

We value each and every one of our member-companies because each one is critical to the ongoing growth of the Kansas City region’s tech industry. To build on that, we also value our collective membership, which includes companies large and small. The more KCnext member-companies connect, network and collaborate, the stronger our tech industry becomes.

We work hard to promote, elevate and connect KCnext member-companies. But perhaps the most intrinsic value of a KCnext membership is access—access to top decision-makers and key relationships with the talented companies in our own backyard.

We facilitate collisions and touchpoints that ultimately generate the business and collaborations that will strengthen our tech industry for years to come. That said, if we can do more to help your company and its specific goals, we’re all ears. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.

My next blog will be about goal #2 – new member growth!

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