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Top 100 Logistics Company Headquartered In Kansas City

by Mary Rooney | Jun 06, 2023

RedStone Logistics is a unique, third-party logistics company customizing solutions to drive supply chain perfection. The company is composed of logistics industry veterans with deep experience managing supply chains, from the Fortune 100 to the small family-owned business.  

The RedStone philosophy is simple; the company combines the logistics expertise of its team with proprietary technology tools to ensure that each customer’s supply chain operates at peak efficiency. Complemented by its day-to-day operational support and a passion for continuous improvement, value is created by focusing on process design & automation, strategic procurement and powerful business analytics. 

Fee structures are guaranteed to be self-funding with custom-designed, operable solutions that have enabled RedStone Logistics to never lose a customer due to service. 

RedStone is now offering Complimentary Supply Chain Assessments with minimal time requirement!

To learn more about RedStone or to request your complimentary supply chain assessment, visit redstonelogistics.com or contact Drinelle Harter.

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