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Supply Chain Trends To Watch in 2023

by Mary Rooney | Jan 10, 2023

Compiled from data across multiple sources for 2023 supply chain predictions, here are the seven key trends that will have the most impact on the Kansas City industrial market in the coming year.

  • Inventory Shifts | More inventory will be available but shortages will persist for key parts and materials.

  • EV Industry | EV demand continues to outpace production but the supply chain doesn’t exist yet to support the demand. 

  • Workforce | As supply chains continue to change, the demand for supply chain workers at all levels will grow. 

  • Automation | Labor shortages and increased wages will force companies to evaluate automation options

  • Sustainability | The supply chain has been and will continue to be the driver of sustainability efforts across many organizations, giving it increasingly more importance in this area. 

  • Reverse Logistics | With the expansion in eCommerce and changing consumer trends, the global reverse logistics market was valued at nearly $635 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach just under $1 trillion by 2028.

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