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Investor Profile | AREA Real Estate Advisors

by Mary Rooney | Jun 02, 2020

AREA Real Estate Advisors is a full service commercial real estate firm, specializing in office, retail, industrial and multi-family brokerage, as well as property & project management services. With national expertise and relationships, this local firm applies a nimble, team approach while providing the highest level of service. As a commercial real estate company, AREA represents REITs, institutions, and large corporations in our region, as well as sophisticated local real estate entrepreneurs. 

AREA offers a platform that is tailored specifically for each client and assignment, not a company that clients simply plug into. The firm looks at every transaction individually and from a business owner’s perspective. The senior leadership is active on every account, pulling together partners and customizing the best solution to meet its clients’ needs.

The firm’s philosophy and attitude toward its work is one of high energy and focus. AREA tackles our projects with creativity, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Its team approach, coupled with a single point of contact, ensures the best input and coverage to get the job done. Whether assisting a client seeking the right location or handling a unique property assignment, AREA listens to clients and addresses their particular needs with honesty, expertise, action, and results.

AREA seeks to understand its clients and how they operate. All activities its team undertakes will be with the understanding that current market conditions are challenging; therefore, it is key to ensure that clients benefit from our knowledge and experience. AREA realizes that no matter the size, a 1,000 square foot tenant or a 200,000 square foot tenant, its client’s business is a very personal thing and must treat all with the same dedication and passion they bring to their own jobs. Now more than ever, it is all about building lasting relationships and that remains the guiding principle for AREA Real Estate Advisors. AREA’s business is people.

To learn more about AREA, please contact Tom Kennedy or visit www.openAREA.com.



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