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Workforce Initiative Highlight | University of Kansas Supply Chain Management

by KC SmartPort Intern | Jul 09, 2019

By Kaitlin Kelly, KC SmartPort Intern, University of Kansas

The University of Kansas (KU), School of Business, Supply Chain Management (SCM) program, is designed to educate students on the management of the flow of goods and services, including all processes that transform raw materials into final products. KU offers majors and minors in SCM. Their courses cover the spectrum of SCM knowledge, and firsthand experience with several study abroad opportunities. 


The KU School of Business web page states, “…as a supply chain management major, you will learn a set of skills that will allow you to effectively streamline the flow of materials, finances and information for a company. Your training in the supply chain management program will make you a competitive candidate for increasingly important positions in organizations everywhere.”

A KU SCM Major must take 12 credit hours and nine elective hours in SCM. This requirement is flexible to allow a student to tailor their studies based on their specific SCM interests. Last year’s graduate data reveals a 77 percent job placement of SCM majors and minors at the time of graduation. This is not surprising as the KU School of Business coordinates with more than 140 actively recruiting businesses and more than 350 internship placements.

Study Abroad:

KU recognizes that there is nothing more powerful than firsthand experience. The KU School of Business offers more than 15 SCM study abroad opportunities. These are powerful learning opportunities that allow students to observe classroom concepts in the real world. 

SCM Club:

The KU Supply Chain Management Club is a student-run organization within the University of Kansas School of Business. Its purpose is to promote the field of supply chain management to students of all years of study, and to raise awareness for the opportunities it provides. The club allows for hands on activities to help you apply the things you have learned in the classroom. It is a small SCM community within the KU business school.


SCM Faculty:

KU’s SCM faculty is what makes the classroom experience so unique. Each faculty member comes from a diverse background of education and work experience, giving students a different way of interpreting the lectures, learning the professor’s experiences through stories.


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