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Workforce Initiative Highlight | Summit Technology Academy

by Mary Rooney | Jun 03, 2019

By Kaitlin Kelly, KC SmartPort Intern, University of Kansas

The Kansas City region is a top tier logistics hub. The continued growth of manufacturing and distribution centers in the region provides thousands of new jobs annually.

Simply put, Kansas City understands supply chain. A diligent, Midwestern work ethic and access to education are just a few reasons why the workforce in Kansas City is one of the best in the country.

A revolutionary example of how KC is enhancing the future workforce is Summit Technology Academy (STA).

STA is a career-focused academy helping students in their junior or senior year of high school prepare for their professional future. The academy is located at the Missouri Innovation Campus building in Lee’s Summit, Mo., and creates a professional workplace atmosphere for students from 30 area high schools across 18 school districts. STA focuses on students who are driven, focused, and passionate about discovering their future career field.

The mission of STA is to challenge students to achieve their personal best. The academy is a national model for innovation by providing rigorous and relevant opportunities for students. STA develops life-long problem solvers through a culture of inquiry and critical thinking. The students and staff exemplify creativity, professionalism, and leadership.

Summit Technology Academy offers programs that mix classroom instruction with hands-on learning experiences. STA’s main goal is to educate and prepare high school students for their chosen career path through a variety of on-site field experiences. According to Summit Technology Academy, 92 percent of their graduates pursue a related field of study at a 2- or 4-year college. They offer several pathways essential to supply chain management:

Engineering Pathway

  • Digital Electronics is a course in applied logic that gives students the opportunity to learn how computers/logic circuits think and control the world around us.

  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing is built around several key concepts: Computer Modeling-using a three-dimensional, solid modeling software package with mass property analysis, and CNC Equipment-understanding the machine tools and its operating and programming aspects.

  • Aerospace Engineering provides students with the fundamental knowledge and experience to apply mathematical, scientific, and engineering principles to the design, development, and evolution of aircraft, space vehicles and their operating systems.

  • Engineering and development applies principles developed in the four preceding courses, learn advanced physics applications, and are guided by an engineering mentor.

Computer Science Pathway

  • Network Engineering introduces the architecture, structure, functions, components and models of the Internet and other computer networks and provides a comprehensive, theoretical and practical approach to learning the technologies and protocols needed to design, implement and secure enterprise and wide area networks.

  • Computer Software/Development emphasizes programming methodology and problem-solving using Object-Oriented Programming, algorithm design and development, data abstraction, good programming style, testing and debugging will be presented. As time allows, students may build custom software for not-for-profit organizations in the community.

  • Cyber Security teaches students the skills needed to obtain entry-level security specialist jobs. It provides a hands-on introduction to network security.

Learn more about Summit Technology Academy.

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