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Investor Profile | Musselman & Hall

by Mary Rooney | Oct 02, 2018

Founded in 1914, Musselman & Hall Contractors (M&H) has been building relationships for more than 100 years. This family-based, employee-owned company has been built on valuing the relationships of its customers over short-term profits. Musselman & Hall is a leading contractor in decorative concrete, asphalt paving and maintenance, structural concrete, concrete flatwork, railroad construction and maintenance and more. M&H employs close to 300 during the busy construction season and continues to expand, now with three rapidly growing locations in Kansas City, St. Louis and Wichita.

Musselman and Hall has contributed to building renown places that families and friends can enjoy for hundreds of years to come, such as Union Station, Kauffman Stadium, the Sprint Center, Bartle Hall and the Legends Shopping Center. M&H takes care of customers because people do business with people who are reliable and trustworthy. Integrity is the backbone of M&H.

The company has grown over the last century into four diverse construction divisions:

  • Decorative Concrete - From polished concrete floors to concrete toppings and custom aggregate concrete hardscapes, this Bomanite Licensed contractor can design each surface to meet the customer’s exact needs. They also have a very unique and spacious decorative concrete showroom located at 2518 Holmes in Kansas City, Mo., that is open for tours and meetings. Contact Dan Kroesen, dkroesen@musselmanandhall.com for more information.
  • Railroad Construction and Maintenance - Specializing in railroad industry track maintenance, track inspections, Main and Shortline railroad support, grade crossings and new railroad construction, M&H is the one-stop shop for any railroad work throughout the Midwest.
  • Structural Concrete and Flatwork - M&H excels in both structural concrete and concrete flatwork of all varieties. M&H has been a leader in horizontal and vertical concrete work that includes but is not limited to; pit floors, suspended slabs, columns, walls, footings, curbs, paving, sidewalks and all types of light and heavy duty concrete pavements.
  • Asphalt Pavement and Maintenance - M&H offers pavement evaluations, milling, seal coat, crack seal, asphalt pavement repair and patching, asphalt overlays, under drains, full depth removal and replacement, and new construction. The newest addition of the infrared heat patching machine has changed the game in the asphalt community and M&H is excited to see just how much it will help clients save time and money with their asphalt needs.

For more information on Musselman and Hall visit www.musselmanandhall.com or contact Jason Fleck, jfleck@mandh.net.

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