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KC Animal Health Innovators Earn Spot Among Top Biotech Startups

by Animal Health2 | Mar 07, 2023
Veterinary Health Research Centers Finalist for Citeline’s Most Innovative Start-up Company Award

Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, KS: Pharma, healthcare and biotech researchers constantly face pressure  to keep up in a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. The need to conduct high-risk clinical trials that require  significant resources can make it even more challenging for small companies with limited financial and human  resources to make go/no-go decisions. By identifying animals with spontaneous conditions, VHRC can expedite  clinical trial enrollment for new technologies, products, medications, therapies, and devices for both humans  and animals. 

"We are encouraged that Citeline Awards 2023 has chosen us as a finalist for the Most Innovative Start-up Company category," said VHRC founder Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig. "Our journey began with an aim of improving the  lives of animals with veterinary practices hosting clinical trials for patients with naturally occurring conditions,  including cancer, cognitive decline, inflammation and immune-mediated, and low-incidence (MUMS) diseases.” 

VHRC co-founder Dr. Rob Hunter continued, “People and pets share many of the same conditions, so when a study finds a successful animal treatment, that data can have One Health translational value and will be very  supportive in regulatory submissions for products treating people with the same condition.” 

The mission of VHRC has garnered support from prospective beneficiaries--both in research and in practice because benefits accrue to sponsors, veterinarians, and caregivers, all of whom are seeking viable treatment  options for their pets. This win-win-win design has enabled it to make a significant impact on the biotech  industry, as evidenced by the Citeline Innovation Award recognition. The winners will be announced at the  Awards ceremony on Thursday, 27 April at the Westin Boston Seaport District Hotel. 


About Veterinary Health Research Centers LLC (VHRC) 
VHRCspecializes in developing and conducting small-scale POC, pre-IND and pre-INAD studies for pharmaceutical  companies, biopharma, medical device, and life science innovators. It is headquartered in the Kansas City Animal Health  Corridor (Overland Park, KS), with offices in Richmond, Virginia. For more information about VHRC innovative services, visit VHRC; email: j.ehrenzweig@vhrcenters.com; or call +1-804-735-8205. 

About Citeline 
Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence) powers a full suite of complementary business intelligence offerings to meet the  evolving needs of life science professionals to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to  treatments. These patient-focused solutions and services deliver and analyze data used to drive clinical, commercial, and  regulatory related-decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth. 

Global teams of analysts, journalists and consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of the pharmaceutical, biomedical  and medtech industries, covering it all with expert insights: key diseases, clinical trials, drug R&D and approvals, market  forecasts and more. For more information on one of the world’s most trusted life science partners, visit Citeline.


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