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Norbrook Growth Built on Product Innovation and Differentiation

by Danni Hammontree | Jun 09, 2021
Submission by: Norbrook

Norbrook Web LogoA family-owned global business focused on improving farm and companion animal health, Norbrook® is recognized as a world-class provider of innovative veterinary pharmaceuticals, holding a Top 20 ranking within the global animal health market.1

Founded in 1969 by Lord Ballyedmond, Norbrook is a privately-owned company headquartered in Newry, Northern Ireland. They employ 2,000 associates globally, hold 300-plus product registrations and distribute to more than 100 countries. Primarily in the U.S. and Europe, Norbrook is commercially active in both mature and emerging markets with nine sales and marketing offices around the world.

Norbrook has a strong history of growth through product development. They invest heavily in R&D and manufacturing to bring innovative and differentiated generics to the animal health sector. Beyond excellent value, they strive to create product differentiation or enhancement when compared to a pioneer product.

They meet market needs with a strong product pipeline and launch new products frequently to both livestock and companion animal markets. As they work toward balancing their farm and companion animal portfolios, they increasingly bring new products and innovation to veterinarians and pet owners in the companion animal area.

Excellent customer service is a hallmark of Norbrook. Dedicated sales and marketing teams around the world create and manage customer partnerships by responding to local needs, with an impressive record of delivering growth and driving customer value propositions. They believe sales excellence and investment in long-term sustainable business partnerships drive organic growth.

In the $48 billion global animal health sector2, emerging markets and new products will drive growth. Norbrook is there with a multi-year capital investment program to upgrade manufacturing capabilities, expand scientific infrastructure (new laboratories), improve supply chain systems, launch a new Customer Services Centre, globally integrate their IT network and upgrade overall operations.

Norbrook also supports customers with a wide range of scientific and educational resources, providing a wider understanding of how products and the latest best practices can aid veterinarians.

Norbrook company culture and behaviors are shaped by six key values: delivering value to customers, working as one global team, delivering on their commitments, pursuing excellence in processes and systems, delivering product innovation, and maintaining best-in-class quality standards.

Norbrook has its North America commercial headquarters in the Kansas City, Missouri, area. Kansas City is also home to the distribution center for all products. Large animal products are represented by a team of dedicated salespeople across all of the United States. Companion animal products are represented in partnerships with leading distributors and their sales teams.

To learn more about Norbrook, you can visit www.norbrook.com

1 Industry rankings based on 2019 global sales of Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Vaccines, Feed Additives, Others

2 2020 global sales of Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Vaccines, Feed Additives, Others

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