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The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor continues its work to close industry identified workforce gaps in 2018

by Laiya Smith | Feb 15, 2018

The KC Animal Health Corridor (KCAHC) offers industry led workforce development solutions to complement the benefits of its globally unique animal health industry concentration. Since 2015, the KCAHC has been working alongside industry executives to develop meaningful workforce solutions to close gaps affecting the global animal health industry. 

Closing the Skills Gap – Manufacturing

A 2015 survey by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte estimated that over the next decade nearly 2 million manufacturing jobs across the United States will go unfilled due to a shortage of skilled labor. The Kansas City region’s manufacturing industry is expected to grow by more than 7 percent by 2024, despite an almost 7 percent decrease nationwide.  

Kansas City’s regional manufacturers are on the frontlines of modern innovation; transforming the way we get goods to market and fueling the regional economy. Kansas City recognizes to foster growth for existing employers, while maintaining its ability to attract new investment, it must regionally collaborate with industry and academia to find meaningful manufacturing workforce solutions.

In 2015 the KCAHC and its partners introduced the Manufacturing Technician 1 © Certification (MT1) to the Kanas City region. In response to manufacturer's demands to verify the skills obtained in educational programs, the MT1 offers a skills-based certification that qualifies recipients have the basic skills needed to work in a manufacturing/production environment.

Developed by the Manufacturing Skills Institute, the MT1 certification program was curated by a cross section of manufacturers to meet the growing employment demands of the manufacturing industry. The MT1 program addresses the core industry-wide skills standards required for skilled production occupations in all sectors of manufacturing. The core competency areas certified are: (1) Math and Measurement, (2) Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology, and (3) Business Acumen and Quality.

The purpose of the MT1 certification program is to document individuals’ mastery of the critical competencies required for modern manufacturing production and production-related occupations.  This certification is endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers and included in its National Skills Certification System.

KCAHC companies and continuing education programs are embracing this three-year certification which demonstrates that an individual meets a certain level of basic skills required for manufacturing and production. MT1 Certified job candidates receive preferred status when applying for jobs with KCAHC companies.

Closing the Interest Gap – Careers in Animal Health

As society moves further and further away from the farm, there is narrowed awareness among individuals of where our food comes from. This coupled with a lack of career resources for high school educators and advisors has led to a decreased awareness among high school students nationally about career opportunities within the animal health industry. offers a new way for students, educators and parents to see where career opportunities line up with a student’s personal interests and skills.

The site offers an exploration opportunity, where students can learn about career opportunities among animal health employers as well as career pathways based on areas of interest, income expectations, available education and training offerings in the KC region.

Later this year, the KCAHC plans to unveil new resources on that further enhance the narrative of animal health careers and provide insights into the future jobs of the animal health industry. 



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