• Five steps to deal with third-party security risks

    by Kaitlin Motley | Nov 16, 2015
    To prevent your company from becoming the victim of a bad outsourcing decision, make sure you retain control of your data. Preparing for third-party security considerations now can prevent a world of headaches later. Posted by Brad Thies, principal at Barr Assurance & Advisory Inc.
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  • Kansas City nabs recognition for tech and entrepreneurship

    by Kaitlin Motley | Nov 11, 2015
    Kansas City's rankings in tech and entrepreneurship were highlighted in the "What Is" video that debuted at KCADC's Annual Meeting 2015.
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  • Chute by the numbers | Nov. 2-6, 2015

    by Kaitlin Motley | Nov 09, 2015
    KCnext launched an extensive national media, marketing and outreach campaign at Techweek New York designed to draw the brightest and best tech talent to opportunities on Chute. See what data we're tracking so far.
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