• Connecting veterans to jobs in KC

    by Kaitlin Motley | Dec 02, 2015
    Any employer has the opportunity to create a presence on the Veterans Employment Center, to make your company visible in front of nearly 300,000 transitioning service members and directly connect veterans to your employment opportunities.
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  • Five steps to deal with third-party security risks

    by Kaitlin Motley | Nov 16, 2015
    To prevent your company from becoming the victim of a bad outsourcing decision, make sure you retain control of your data. Preparing for third-party security considerations now can prevent a world of headaches later. Posted by Brad Thies, principal at Barr Assurance & Advisory Inc.
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  • Kansas City nabs recognition for tech and entrepreneurship

    by Kaitlin Motley | Nov 11, 2015
    Kansas City's rankings in tech and entrepreneurship were highlighted in the "What Is" video that debuted at KCADC's Annual Meeting 2015.
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