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Talent Retention and Candidate Experience: A Love Story

by Addie Linn | Apr 07, 2023

More than just buzzwords, talent retention and candidate experience are powerful terms that can define an organization’s employer brand. 

The two go hand-in-hand far beyond the application and interview process, playing a big role in the onboarding and employment journey. A whopping 68% of candidates believe that a company’s hiring process is a direct reflection of how it treats its employees. And tbh - we know they’re right! 

What are employers doing to retain talent and support the candidate experience? At the most recent TeamKC Roundtable, the network gathered at K-State Olathe to dive in - here are some of the top takeaways: 

Keep It Movin’ 
Here’s a fun reality check - the best candidates are only on the market for ten days. TEN DAYS! So when hiring, time is of the essence. Before posting a req, coordinate with hiring managers to prioritize time for resume reviews and interviews. Ensure candidates know your timeline and steps in the process ahead of time so you don’t leave them guessing.

Make It Personal
To attract top talent, companies are personalizing the recruitment process to better engage candidates. This includes using targeted messaging, personalized videos and virtual tours of the workplace.

Personalization applies to your current employee base as well. One attendee shared a pearl of wisdom we can’t stop thinking about… “Ditch the golden rule and go platinum.” In other words, treat others how they want to be treated. How do your employees wish to receive recognition? A public shoutout for a job well done could be exciting for some but overwhelming for othersa. Get to know ‘em! 

Emphasize Culture
Employees are looking for workplaces that align with their values and provide a sense of community. Placing greater emphasis on creating a strong company culture that promotes inclusivity, diversity and a sense of purpose can help transform your company from the inside out. 

Need a starting point? Take a look at wellness within your organization. Many companies recognize the importance of supporting employees' physical and mental health by offering wellness programs, flexible work arrangements and employee assistance programs.

Invest In Your Workforce
Add upskilling to your list of resources. Investing in training and development programs to help employees advance their careers can lead to greater employee satisfaction and loyalty, as well as a more skilled workforce. Who doesn’t love a win-win? 

Numbers Matter 
Qualitative data is great but not comprehensive. Leverage data and analytics to better understand employee needs and improve retention rates. This can include analyzing employee feedback, attrition  and engagement metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Help hiring managers see the importance of talent experiences by sharing your results from the Candidate Experience Resentment Calculator from Talent Board. When candidates are also potential customers, their experiences can affect your bottom line, which may help paint the full picture for the whole team. Hooray for stats! 

Is your company doing something exciting in this space? Let us know! 

Thank you to the K-State Olathe team for hosting. Learn about how K-State Olathe supports employers with talent development.

For more information on how TeamKC can be a resource for your talent attraction efforts, contact Danielle Hilton

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