Anthony Magliano

Musician, Composer & Designer

Anthony Magliano knows a thing or two about creativity. As an avid musician, composer and an acclaimed graphic and motion designer, he’s been dreaming up innovative ideas ever since he was young. One of those ideas, Quixotic Fusion, turned out to be one of the most incredible stage shows Kansas City—and the world—has ever seen.

Quixotic is a multi-dimensional entertainment company, fusing together elements of aerial acrobatics, dance, fashion, film, music and visual effects to create a unique performance that is impossible to forget. In 2005, Magliano took his love for music, technology and art and founded Quixotic, bringing to the region a stage show that translates to an overall “sensory experience” for its viewers.

As co-artistic director, Magliano’s vision has only transcended since Quixotic’s first performance seven years ago. The KC-based group has grown exponentially over the past year, performing at festivals such as Wakarusa, Electric Forest and Wanderlust. This year, the group made their global debut, performing at 2012’s famous TED conference—a technology, entertainment and design symposium that attracts thousands of attendees, as well as thousands more who can stream the conference live from anywhere in the world.

What makes KC a great environment for creativity and the arts?
I think more than ever we’re seeing more groups work together; a lot more variety and diversity in the arts in Kansas City. There’s a real sense of pride here for visual and performance art and we’re seeing people want to stay here and just grow the arts scene. Also, we’re seeing unique pairings of arts individuals to really create some unique experiences for our audiences. When we go out of town now, we always talk to people who say they are hearing about the great things that are going on here so the word is really getting out.

What is your favorite spot in Kansas City?
I really enjoy the lawn at the Nelson Art Gallery…on a nice fall day just walking around. I really enjoy the Liberty Memorial as well. More recently, the River Market.

Where's your favorite place outside of Kansas City?
Boulder, Colorado. I love the music scene there. It’s relaxing. The mountains are right there obviously and we see a lot of creative people living there.

What's your most treasured possession?
I have a musical instrument called the halo. It’s taken me a couple of years to get one after I saw a friend playing one a few years ago. It’s a really rare instrument. I just acquired one and I love to just pick it up, take it to the park and play it. I’m a percussionist and this is a melodic instrument. It has a real mystic sound to it and you feel the warmth when you play it.

Who is your favorite hero from fiction?
I’m not a big fiction guy.

Who do you most admire in real-life?
I’d say David Byrne of Talking Heads. It’s his whole approach to entertainment and always being progressive and adapting with the times. I’ve always looked up to him as an artist because he’s thinking creatively across many platforms.

When and where are you happiest?
On stage, after a performance. I think as a performer we do this to create a unique energy between stage and audience and nothing is more rewarding that changing an emotion based on what you’re doing in a performance. When you look out at the crowd and see people having a great time, that’s the best.




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