Isabella Emmack

International Model

Isabella was discovered during her freshman year of high school at a basketball game. Now, she is a notable international model, recently named on DAZED's list of Models You Need to Know. Her big debut came after chopping off her tresses in 2015. Since then she has been a signature face for Alexander Wang, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marc Jacobs and Versace. She is practiced in the art of Fashion Week in NYC and abroad, and has walked the runway for designers like Chanel, Saint Laurent, Fendi, MSGM, Balenciaga and more.

At 17, Isabella has seen more of the world than most have the opportunity to experience in a lifetime. She believes that there is something really special about growing up in the Midwest.  She says, "My hometown of Kansas City is a place where you really get to know your community, everyone is connected to one another, yet there is an incredible sense of space and freedom.  I grew up going on family camping trips, road trips, connecting with nature in a really hands-on way."

Isabella is focused on using her career to influence important issues as well. "High school was a rough place for me as it is for a lot of people.," she says. "Being bullied stripped me of my confidence and I was scared to show the world who I really was. I regained my confidence through music and building strong relationships with other musicians, singers and artists.  I’m passionate about supporting the arts because I believe that all people should have a voice and a place where they can express who they are in their own way. Modeling has changed my world and given me confidence. It's the most motivating force in my life. I have an incredible drive to succeed and I want to use any influence gained from my modeling career to make a difference at home and wherever my life takes me."

What makes KC a great environment for creativity and the arts?
I think it’s an up and coming city, there are a lot of people moving here right now. Kansas City’s people have this amazing spirit. There is so much hometown pride. Our KC Royals baseball team won the World Series in 2015 and it was this unbelievable uniting force where over 800,000 people filled the streets in support of their team and their town. It was really inspiring and a great example of how passionate and supportive we are. It’s easy to talk to people and explore your talents here.

What is your favorite spot in Kansas City?
The graffiti wall in the ally between Baltimore and Wyandotte on 18th street in the Crossroads.

Where's your favorite place outside of Kansas City?
Other than Kansas City, my favorite place is probably LA. You get the space that KC has, plus the ocean and warm weather all year around.

What's your most treasured possession?
My phone. I don’t even know why I had to think about that.

Who is your favorite fictional hero?

Who do you most admire in real-life?
My grandma because she’s such an honest person. She stands by her beliefs. She’s just a good innocent spirit.

When and where are you happiest?
When I’m at the lake next to my house on the weekend with my best friends.




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