July 19 | 8:00am
KC Tech Workforce Summit 2024

Join the KC Tech Council on July 19th for the second annual KC Tech Workforce Summit, dedicated to helping you build your tech workforce by growing, attracting, retaining and unlocking talent. This event is designed for tech leaders, hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, educators, and individuals keen on keeping up with the latest developments in Kansas City's tech workforce.

During the half-day summit, you'll gain invaluable insights on:

  • Leveraging your company’s brand for optimal success in attracting and acquiring tech talent
  • Aligning your learning and development strategies with your business objectives
  • Harnessing immigration as a strategic tool for recruitment and retention, and crafting effective immigration policies
  • Charting career pathways for youth and non-traditional tech professionals
  • Tackling biases in the tech hiring process, including the role of AI and strategies for mitigation
  • Successfully transitioning your workforce from legacy systems to new systems

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