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Is Your Company’s Employee Survey Helping You Hire Great People?

by Angela Orr | Mar 15, 2018

Laura McKnight is an entrepreneur, author, and member of our national business and talent attraction campaign - America’s Creative Crossroads. In her current role as a partner at Embolden, she believes in creating fresh approaches to data capture and engagement tools. See why it’s important to add social impact to your recruiting toolkit below.

Most employers send out an annual employee engagement survey to everyone in the company. These traditions are well-intentioned. Getting and responding to feedback is a necessary part of efforts to build workplace culture and improve business strategies.

Unfortunately, using standard surveys alone can lead to disappointment, which actually hurts an employer’s brand and makes recruiting more difficult. Common complaints include:

  • Survey fatigue, felt by everyone
  • Company’s ability to act on only a fraction of the feedback
  • Too much lag time between the survey and visible results
  • Skepticism about the purpose and questions

Impressions like these simmer inside a company. It doesn’t take long for the negative feelings to make their way into negative employer reviews.

How can recruiters rise above the noise of survey fatigue and negative employer brand? Community engagement statistics may hold the key.

Celebrating social impact is an under-utilized recruiting tool. But it doesn’t have to be. For example, our team’s multi-year research study resulted in an Employee Vitals diagnostic that is carefully designed to tap into the role of community in today’s culture, especially as personal and professional lives converge.

An enhanced approach to employee surveys inspires feedback like this:

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Uplifting
  • Fun
  • “A warm blanket you can wrap around your employees”

To avoid negative recruiting implications, recruiters should advocate for tools to supplement standard workplace surveys.

To learn more about the Employee Vitals diagnostic, contact Embolden. To learn more about TeamKC, contact Jessica Palm.

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