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Corridor Company Spotlight | AGL

by User Not Found | Mar 13, 2017

AGL_2 LOGOAGL Launches New Product for Veterinarians

AGL’s journey with the KC Animal Health Corridor began with President and CEO Marcel Sarzen presenting at the 2014 Investment Forum. That opportunity was the catalyst for funding and commercialization of AGL’s first product, Vetrax. The product was launched at NAVC 2017, and is now available to veterinary practices across the U.S.

Through Vetrax, veterinarians can, for the first time, continuously monitor specific dog behaviors that impact medical treatment. Pet owners’ perceptions and the limited time veterinarians are able to observe patients in-practice can now be augmented with 24/7 monitoring for maximum understanding of the pet’s condition. This deeper insight allows veterinarians to confirm observations or detect changes before onset of clinical signs.

Data collected by the Vetrax Sensor is available via the Vetrax App for pet owners and Vetrax Portal for veterinarians. These applications provide access to detailed insights that go beyond basic activity tracking to include shaking, scratching, running, walking, resting, sleeping and sleep quality. 

“Vetrax came to fruition through years of research and partnership with veterinarians,” said Joe Young, COO at AGL. “Our objective was to design a simple, yet powerful system to play an important role in the dog’s care by telling us what they can’t.”

The Vetrax Portal serves as a powerful digital platform where data collected from each dog’s sensor is analyzed and used to establish baseline patterns. With the Portal, the veterinary healthcare team can monitor the results of their recommendations in real time and see how nutritional and/or pharmaceutical treatments are performing for dogs on dermatological, weight, mobility and wellness plans. Goals can be set for each dog, and pet owners can be advised to bring their pet back to the veterinary practice, if necessary, based on the timely insights gained from Vetrax.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has elected to use Vetrax to enhance their portfolio offerings. The sophisticated monitoring capabilities of Vetrax coupled with Hills’ long-standing expertise in pet nutrition provide veterinarians with another tool to help transform the lives of pets. 

There’s no question that the Kansas City area -- more specifically the Animal Health Corridor – has provided AGL with access to funding, animal health expertise, a very capable labor pool, and unique logistical resources. 

Every industry is faced with its own unique set of opportunities. For animal health, it’s all about maintaining an environment of innovation and continued investment in companies and technologies that improve the quality of care for companion animals. At AGL, innovation and investment have made the creation of Vetrax possible. 

Information submitted by Joe Young

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