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by User Not Found | Mar 03, 2017

Craig Wallace_Headshot_2017_webThere are so many right answers to the question “What is the best thing about Kansas City?"

Is it the Royals, the Chiefs, our great barbecue, the history of this region, the people, arts and culture? Or is it our values, our work ethic, determination and pride? These all contribute to the quality of life and distinct culture of Kansas City. 

But, I believe it is our sense of an encouraging and supportive community which gives us an edge over other parts of the country. That sense of community is central to Kansas City’s historic ability to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and help emerging companies succeed. 

In Kansas City, you find programs to foster new businesses such as the Kauffman Foundation, Sprint Accelerator and our own Investment Forum. Behind these programs you have a community committed to helping these entrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality. 

Where did that commitment to see each other succeed come from? I believe it grows from seeds planted by the entrepreneurs who came before us with names like Kauffman, Hall, Block, Stillwell, Donnelly and Nichols.

We are fortunate to live in an area steeped in a history of making something out of nothing. A community with the willingness to give each other a hand up when needed and a belief competition makes us all better. 

Established companies located in the Animal Health Corridor give so much to nurture entrepreneurs. But mature businesses also benefit from the time spent with emerging businesses.  By mentoring companies in our industry, we gain much more than we give. 

That’s why we roll out the welcome mat for the world’s entrepreneurs. And in doing so, we ensure the economic vitality of our industry and this region for years to come. 

As the 2017 Chairman of the KC Animal Health Corridor, I invite you to attend Global Animal Health Week in Kansas City August 28-29 and join me in celebrating entrepreneurship and the innovators who are taking personal risks to advance technologies that improve the quality of life and sustain life globally.

Craig Wallace
CEO and North America | Pacific Zone Director
Ceva, U.S. Holdings, Inc.

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