KC Animal Health
September 26 | 9:00am
Regulatory Affairs in Animal Health Seminar Series
An Interactive Workshop on Why Interruptions Occur and Best Practices for Mitigation.

Seminar Overview

Supply chain interruptions can cause significant impact for the health and wellbeing of animals. In the case of medically necessary products in which there are no available replacements, these can cause even greater impact —both to welfare and publicity.

A significant contributor to this problem is the complexity of the regulatory environment that exists both domestically and abroad. Another contributor to this problem is the limited number of approved suppliers that exist globally. While maintaining product quality is paramount, identifying and reducing supply chain risks is key for animal health industry sustainability, but also the health and wellbeing of pet and food animal drugs and vaccines.

This hands-on workshop will utilize current industry case studies to engage participants in analyzing supply chain interruptions to understand why they occur; what can be done to prevent them; and ways to enhance communication in the process.

Attendees will also hear from a variety of experts on the topic from Industry, CMOs, K-State and FDA CVM to share animal health supply chain best practices, as well as discuss the advantages of risk mapping as a mitigation tool.


The morning session will be a variety of presentations on supply chain interruption examples from a wide variety of industry speakers and best practices for avoidance. The afternoon session will feature interactive case studies that will highlight multiple roles in maintaining supply chain integrity.    


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