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  • KCADC Annual Meeting 2019

    by Lexi Ryan | Dec 05, 2019
    KCADC held its 2019 Annual Meeting, AMPLIFY, hosting more than 1,700 of KC's top corporate and civic influencers.
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  • Welcome to KC Heartland

    by Lexi Ryan | Nov 06, 2019
    KCADC’s mission is to facilitate the community’s adoption of the KC heart brand and quickly turn our focus out of market, making the heart an invitation to a relationship with the KC region. This will be a long-term, sustained effort that will require the entire KC region’s participation in order to have the impact necessary for our community to remain competitive into the future.
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  • History of the KC Heart

    by Lexi Ryan | Nov 06, 2019
    The heart has a long history in Kansas City culture, all the way to today representing a resurgence of pride felt by those living in or connected to the KC region.
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