RubinBrown LLP

Since 1952, RubinBrown has been making a lasting mark on the financial future of clients in a variety of industries.

RubinBrown is redefining their clients' full-service experience by combining specialized knowledge with a commitment to personal, long-standing relationships.

RubinBrown provides expertise in: Assurance, Plan Audit, SEC Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax Consulting and Compliance (including State and Local Tax and Wealth Management), Benefit Administration and Investment Advisory, Small Business Services, Internal Audit, IT Consulting, Litigation and Business Valuation. They also offer industry specialization like: Real Estate, Not-for-Profit, Contractors and Home Builders, Architects and Engineers, Automotive, Hospitality, Health Care, Law Firms, Manufacturing and Distribution, Mortgage Bankers, and Public Sector.

RubinBrown's expertise, along with their philosophy for unmatched client service, is how they provide real value to each one of their clients. It's how RubinBrown has become one of the most valued and respected names in their profession.

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Todd Pleimann


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1200 Main Street
Suite 1000
Kansas City, MO 64105
(816) 859-7911

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