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Downtown Airport, with the Aviation Department, is the primary reliever for Kansas City International Airport. It is the home base for more than 295 private general aviation aircraft, and provides these aircraft with a convenient stopping location. These aircraft range from vintage planes and helicopters to sleek corporate jets. General aviation accounts for the majority of the airport's total aircraft operations.

Downtown Airport is also traditionally the host site of several special events. One of the largest displays of World War II was held in May of 1995, an event that commemorated the 50th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. The Federal Aviation Administration also uses the Downtown Airport as a showcase for its annual, widely attended event, the Aviation Expo.

The location of Downtown Airport adjacent to the city's center makes it ideal for corporate aviation. Securing a location near the geographic center of the U.S. also makes Downtown Airport a perfect spot for refueling and service.

Kansas City International Airport is the main airport for commercial flights into the Kansas City area. KCI's refreshing appeal due to lack of congestion coupled with easy accessibility has made it one of the most convenient airports in the country. The new millennium will bring many changes to the airport, as the Terminal Improvement Project continues, which will upgrade the facility's mechanical and electrical systems as well as give the airport a more modern, sleek look.

The airport occupies a total of 10,000 acres, making it one of the largest airports in the nation in available acreage. There are 17,300 covered and uncovered parking spaces available, and three major runways that can accommodate up to 139 aircraft operations per hour. Accessibility from two major highways can easily accommodate 2,700 vehicles per hour.

KCI became the metropolitan area's official air carrier airport on Nov. 11, 1972, when all scheduled airline operations were transferred from Municipal Airport.
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