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If you are someone who cares about a place -- maybe it's a development, a city, a district, maybe an important building -- then you know that the "brand" of that place is a lot more than just a logo or website. In fact, the brand of a place is very different than a brand of a product, which is why Highline Partners is a strategic launch firm specializing in places, spaces and transformational real estate projects. No toothpaste, no cat food, no software.

Brett Posten and Kathryn Orlowski Jones took their experience at big firms -- McCann New York and VML -- to create a boutique firm to serve cities, developers and their teams in shaping the vision, crafting the story, and then doing whatever it takes to bring a place to life. Our team includes designers, writers, architects, urban planners, videographers and PR specialists. Collaborating with clients, Highline helps create places where people want to be.


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