Capitol Federal Savings & Loan

Trust. Tradition. True Blue for over 100 years. Capitol Federal continues its commitment to quality service, safety, soundness and community support. These ideals were set by Capitol Federal's founders in 1893 and contribute to its standing as the number one residential lender in Kansas and the Greater Kansas City area.

Families served through its 37 offices rely on Capitol Federal for help in realizing the American dream of home ownership. Capitol Federal accomplishes this by providing products that serve the needs of all homebuyers, at all income levels. Because of Capitol Federal's Home-At-Last affordable housing loan programs, families who thought that home ownership was just a dream are now living it.

Customers with other financial needs trust Capitol Federal to provide affordable loans, checking and savings accounts, and special services like the Blue Bucks Kids' Savings Club.

In today's changing financial climate, Capitol Federal is a trusted, safe and secure True Blue friend to its customers.

Capitol Federal Savings & Loan-

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Mimi Eckart


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700 S Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66603
(913) 381-5400

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