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Trozzolo Communications Group is a 50-person public relations firm and advertising agency in Kansas City focused on motivating markets without bias toward media or method – with a sense of urgency. Expertise includes solutions to engage and inspire – through branding, advertising, public relations and digital marketing. Trozzolo builds marketing platforms, using a brand-centered approach, ensuring that a smart strategy is developed, implemented and fostered.  Services include print, digital, outdoor & TV advertising; reputation management, crisis communications, media relations and event planning; strategic branding including analysis, research and creation; website design and development.  Founded in 1989, Trozzolo has a track record of time-after-time success for some of the Midwest’s most recognized organizations. We’re most proud, however, of the work we do right here in the Midwest – across the states of Missouri and Kansas and our hometown of Kansas City.

To succeed, it takes more than one tactic to move the needle and more than one medium to move a message. But it doesn’t take more than one agency. Just the right agency – Trozzolo Communications Group, where you get the full marketing mix – together.


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Melea McRae


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811 Wyandotte St.
Kansas City, MO 64105



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