Teva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Teva Neuroscience originated in 1995 in Kansas City as Teva Marion Partners, a strategic alliance between Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries and Hoechst Marion Roussel, now Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

In early 2001, the company became Teva Neuroscience, a wholly owned subsidiary of Teva (a leader in life sciences for over 100 years). It is the exclusive North American division for the development, registration and marketing all of Teva's branded neurological products.

Teva Neuroscience currently markets Copaxone®, the fastest growing multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy in the United States. The organization also launched the first website created by a pharmaceutical company to help people living with MS manage the disease. is a 24-hour/7-day confidential free service, with currently over 30,000 members. In addition, Teva Neuroscience established Shared Solutions, the first MS therapy support system that offers free one-on-one nurse counseling and information.

Teva Neuroscience employs nearly 300 associates across North America, including over 60 in Kansas City at its North American Commercial headquarters, and is committed to becoming the premier neurological company in the industry.

Larry R. Downey is the company's President and CEO.


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