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Communities begin at Shafer, Kline & Warren (SKW). Since 1950, our suite of surveying and engineering services have helped our clients make everyday life better, easier and safer. Through our expertise, we provide comprehensive solutions for infrastructure in communities large and small.

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We use our surveying, engineering and construction abilities to help our clients build everything a community needs to prosper. SKW is involved in the creation of all forms of development, from the residential areas people call home, to the offices and industrial areas where they work. You can find the impact of our work in the schools, parks, shopping districts, stores and restaurants that serve our communities.

SKW also designs the infrastructure that ties communities together, including the streets, highways and bridges that provide transportation links, and the electrical and gas utilities that provide energy. SKW satisfies water needs, from developing a safe water supply to returning treated wastewater back to the environment.

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