Salvation Army

In 1852, the Reverend William Booth abandoned the conventional church pulpit and broke with church leaders to serve among London's poor, homeless, hungry, and destitute. By 1878, his movement grew to 250,000 members and became known as The Salvation Army. It spread to America where the Army preached the Christian gospel, and today serves those in need in virtually every zip code from coast to coast.

The Salvation Army is now one of the largest charitable organizations in the US. Here in Kansas City, the Army provides over 20 programs and services designed to address both immediate needs and systemic social issues, particularly the devastating effects of urban poverty. The four major areas of commitment the Salvation Army addresses in our community are 1) At risk children; 2) Vulnerable adults; 3) Struggling families; and 4) Emergency and disaster response. A community member is helped every 60 seconds, each and every day of the year, through the support of thousands of individual, foundation, and corporate donors to the mission of The Salvation Army.


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