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NorthPoint Development is a Kansas City based real estate development, management and leasing firm that is principally focused on industrial, multi-family, and senior living markets in the central part of the United States.

Our firm is guided by the principal that taking care of our customers is our number one priority. Our motto: “Beyond The Contract” embodies the concept that no contract can ever be written to reflect everything that will occur in a complex real estate transaction. Our approach in all of our business relationships is to be fair and to operate by the “Golden Rule.”

NorthPoint prides itself in delivering the very best value for our customers. We have a strong technically based team of engineers that have expertise ranging from civil, geotechnical, electrical and industrial process engineering. Our team’s broad experience puts us in the unique position to assist our clients with the most technical manufacturing or distribution requirements. We have a strong focus on helping our clients reduce their shipping and logistics costs through smart real estate decisions.

We have in-house expertise to assist our clients in maximizing local and state incentives to help offset the investments they make. All of our employees are highly motivated, we share 25% of all profits we make on any project with our employees and over 30% of our firm is owned by the employees.

In order to be successful for our customers, our firm will remain financially disciplined with all of our endeavors. We will continue to align our interests with the interests of our investors, we don’t make any money until our investors make money. We will never use any debt to acquire land, we will not levereage our projects with excessive debt and we will always be careful not to ‘chase cap rates’ instead focusing on creating long term value. Our approach is simple and we intend to keep it that way.


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Patrick Robinson


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4825 NW 41st Street
Suite 500
Riverside, MO 64150
(816) 888-7380

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